St. Dominic founded the Order of Preachers in the 13th century. St. Dominic and his followers traversed the various countries of Europe confronting heresy and preaching the Gospel.  Eventually their preaching would span the globe to reach and carry the message of the Gospel to all peoples and lands.

With a spirit of joy, Dominic and his companions incorporated into their newly founded Order:

  • Contemplative prayer 
  • Intensive study
  • Sharing in and living community life
  • Service to the people of God 
  • Preaching

For over 800 years this tradition continues to be the hallmark of the Order. Our heritage as members of the Dominican Order as sisters, nuns, and friars frame our preaching in our ministries worldwide.  We are teachers, artists, musicians, journalists, scientists,  etc. and possess many other gifts.

Coupled with kindness and generosity of heart and mind, intellectual pursuits, the Dominican Tradition offers men and women the promise of joy and an enthusiasm that is desperately needed in the 21st century and beyond.