Called to total dedication to our Triune God, we, the Dominican Sisters of Our Lady of the Springs of Bridgeport, Connecticut, commit ourselves to live the spirit of the gospel through public profession of the evangelical counsels of poverty, chastity, and obedience according to the Rule of Saint Augustine and these Constitutions. Our life in community reflects the mystery of Christ, the Son of God, united with his Church, a community of believers sharing a common goal and a common mission.


In the spirit and style of Saint Dominic, we proclaim and strive to bring forth God's kingdom of truth and life, of holiness and grace, of justice, love and peace. Aware that we participate in this salvific mission and redemptive ministry of God's Son only at the invita­tion of his Father and through the gift of the Spirit, we seek to live in fidelity to this heritage. It is in commu­nity, through prayer and contemplation inspired by the study of sacred truth, that we know that we are enabled to proclaim the name of Jesus Christ, to preach his Word and to teach his saving Truth.


We freely choose to become members of the Congregation of the Dominican Sisters of Our Lady of the Springs of Bridgeport (CT), and bind ourselves to observe the constitutions of our congregation as our way of life. Because our congregation is a Diocesan institute, the authoritative interpretation of these constitutions pertains to the Bishop of the Diocese of Bridgeport (CT).



Taken from Constitutions, Bridgeport Dominicans